Coronavirus: How to stop overeating so you can still fit into your clothes after self-quarantine.

 By Anne Welsh at Painless Universal

May 1st 2020

It so tempting to reach to your fridge every minute to grab something to eat. Afterall the fridge is right there and who is there to stop you. Did you know that snack and comfort food sales are soaring as people stay at home during the coronavirus crisis tend to eat more? After this lock down many people will find their bodies chubbier and maybe their old clothes will no longer fit them as they used to.

With all the temptation during the coronavirus crisis as we are all at home, doing less, very anxious and stressed. The best way we find to seek comfort to tame all our emotions is normally to eat!

To help you get by here are simple things you can do.

Have a plan

The stay home and working from home has left most of us confused from our normal day’s routine. We are now faced with a new reality of doing less physical activity. But when you have a plan this gives you structure on how to focus your time through the day. You should even include time to have meals and snacks. So, you set a time for eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Limit any mindless snacking in between. Then you have to really train and discipline your mind to stick to this routine – sort of a contract between yourself. When you start getting bored, perform exercise or watch a motivational program.

A healthy diet is particularly important now

There is no better time to really support your immune system than now. You need to do everything possible to give your body the fighting energy you need if you are unfortunate to catch the virus. A healthy diet improves the immune system and so if you want to fight COVID-19, eating foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients goes a long way. Eat more vegetables, fruits and drink lots of water. COVID-19 is a reminder that healthy eating is the foundation of tackling a virus.

Use plates to ration your food

Eating snacks straight out of the packaging is a recipe for overeating. Use a small plate to have your ration of snacks on. This will help you maintain portion control.  

Don’t be discouraged by one treat

A treat makes anyone happy so don’t discourage yourself from having treats on the odd day. It’s good to have something to look forward to, like air-popped popcorn, fresh home bread and even a bar of chocolate. What’s important is to focus on nutritious food the vast majority of the time.

Your goal should be “I want to be healthy”

This is a stressful time, so don’犀利士
t make things worse by sitting on the sofa and eating all day. Thinking you’ll feel better after you eat is not going to work but rather it will make you feel worse; lethargic, anxious and generally not happy with your physical appearance. Your goal is that you want to be healthy and that’s my goal.  Stick to it!




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