How I am training my Mind to do better in Uncertain Times

By Anne Welsh at Painless Universal

May 1st, 2020

Being an entrepreneur is not easy even and becomes more difficult in uncertain times. There are more unknowns than knowns and it seems ever plan made has to be rewritten.  Raising funds will be difficult, keeping your staff in unknown times is equally hard and locating new opportunities seems like a distance idea. But rather than leave myself trapped in the tornado that was not of my own choosing, here is what I am doing to keep positive and be proactive in escaping the chaos.

1. I am not letting my fear get to me

Right now, all I can see around me is fear of not knowing what is next. As an entrepreneur I am constantly having to look for new opportunities. I have to explore areas of business which I have not defined my connections and bus plans. There is also lots of competition all around. But rather than feeling anxious, I keep reminding myself that not going further will only get me nowhere. I find the courage in me to keep asking and looking – never willing to give up!

2. I am not afraid of the things that gets me worried

Each day, I am managing one day at a time to do the things I really hate doing. I am training my mind to be bold and courageous and do the things which I am most frightened of. I am also working out ways to balance my bold actions and confidence with being cautious by doing more research than normal.

3. I trust my intuition

My intuition gives me an outlook and insight before I begin a project. In times past, I would ignore these feelings and never trust that it is leading me to the path I should be on. But as I have become older, I am learning to trust my intuition as it is always right, and one built on experience and difficult decisions from the past.

4. Love yourself

In times like these, I have learnt to love myself which I simply define as accepting myself as I am. I have come to terms with those aspects of myself that I cannot change. I am allowing myself the time to not only maintain my self-respect, but see myself in a positive image with an unconditional self-acceptance of who I am. I am focused with my thoughts and believe that I am already where I need to be. Every effort I put in is part of my success story.

5. Appreciate your success in the today

It’s a good idea to stay focused on your end goal. However, if you’re always thinking about your success as something far off in the distance, you’ll always feel like you’re not doing enough to reach it.  Create a path and break it into smaller steps.

Rather than thinking of your success in the future tense, try to consider it in the present in your mind. Instead of thinking, ‘one day, I’ll make it happen’, think: ‘I’m already making it happen’. And it’s perfectly true – every day spent working on your goal is a part of the success you’re aiming for.

6. Learn to ask for what you want

I have learnt not to be ashamed to ask for what I want or need – even more so when I don’t think I am likely to get it.  This I find very hard to do; however, I have experienced that there are surprises so keep asking. It can be tough at first, but it is important to overcome this particular barrier.

7. You are what you do and eat!

My years of being in hospital has really taught me that a healthy person is needed to achieve your dreams.  More opportunities comes to those who are fit and healthy and have the energy to create and chase the next big thing.  I really try to exercise regularly, this helps to keep my stress levels in check, but also give me productive time away from work.

A healthy diet to go alongside the exercise plan normally has me feeling less tired and ready to take on the mental and physical challenges of running a successful business.


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