Circumstances can get worse

By Anne Welsh – Founder and CEO Painless Universal

June 2nd, 2020

When is Pain just going to get worse because of your actions?

Many times in life, an individual feels that things could not get worse for them.  Unfortunately, this is often a mistaken view.  A person often does not take the preventative measures necessary to ensure things don’t get worse. 

How does a person muster the enthusiasm to prevent a threat from materialising in a very destructive way?   The tips are the same for everyone.

Break the pattern.  This is all up to you.  No matter how many interventions there could be by loved ones, it is your personal responsibility to achieve this; no one else’s.  The first thing to do with any negative pattern is to stop what you’re doing. You’ve got to break a pattern to change it. This means emotionally removing yourself from the situation. You’ve got to regroup.

Understand who you are.

Everybody has a childhood dream but there must be a self-awareness that this may not happen.  Look at your responsibilities and make a conscious decision to fulfil them in the best way you know how.  Don’t wait for the perfect situation to materialise or you may never start the process.

Plan for the future.

Gently daydream some possibilities of what you could achieve.  This is important. The approach must be in a relaxed way—not grasping for answers but allowing them to surface naturally if they do. This is a creative process.

Test yourself along the way to success.

Admit to yourself that you will have challenges, that you must deal with uncertainties and move on.  A simple statement but a must or all progress stops.  Do not be scared of failure.  It is natural.  The most successful people are those that have tasted failure, don’t like it and have moved on quickly to another way of finding how to be successful.  The experience you gain in failure is priceless.

Remember that your life is analogues to the start market.  It can take years to appreciate in value but all this value can go away very quickly.  When fear is pervasive, the share price can go lower, much lower – so can your life.   Snap out of it and remove the fear.  


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