The Gig economy’s new way of working after coronavirus.

By Anne Welsh – Founder and CEO Painless Universal

May 30th, 2020

Ride sharing and short term accommodation sharing, are two of the disruptive technologies that come in contact daily with people from all over the globe.  So many people involved in these industries are suffering badly. Their emotional pain is something of society will have to now deal with.

With the onset of the pandemic a new reality of operating has kicked in.   Individuals that work for in these disruptive technology areas must find a way to operate in a much more health conscious space when lockdown restrictions are eased, and the economy opens up.  This means that people in these 犀利士
industries will have to protect passengers or renters and themselves from the coronavirus.  All of this will be needed in the hope of convincing clients that it is a safe space for them to use their services.   

The people we see driving cars or greeting you and giving you keys to an apartment are  the front-line people that have been impacted almost immediately by the pandemic.  But the corporations that supply the technology that drives these businesses will require a total rethink – leading to restructuring and painful staff layoffs.  

The only certainty is that guidance of how to treat people living with the pain caused by COVID-19 is something that must be addressed now and cannot be ignored.  The Painless Universal platform has been designed for exactly these types of situations.  We find out exactly what both staff and clients need to reward you with confidence that you have a sustainable offer that is safe.   We welcome that conversation.


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