Living a life of positivity is hard work!

Living a life of positivity is hard work!

By Anne Welsh – Founder and CEO Painless Universal
July 2nd, 2020

When you make a deal with yourself to live a life of positivity you must make that promise with your ‘eyes wide open’. There are just so many variables that can create a negative feeling with a person becoming easily be overwhelmed.

A good way of countering these destructive thoughts is to break down your life’s goals into little steps so that you can see progress. Each person will have different priorities in their lives, but a few stand out as always very important.

The first priority is health. It sounds simple but if you feel energised and mentally focused, positivity has a much higher chance of succeeding. A disciplined way of eating that includes portion control and the five food groups is a great way to build health. Write down a simple menu and stick to it for two weeks. After these two weeks then be honest with yourself and self-answer if you have succeeded. Exercise and proper eating should go on at the same time. Don’t over-do exercise but try and push yourself to improve your overall capacity to move and enjoy life.

Have positive people around you and, this is important, remove toxic relationships from your day to day living; which includes negative social media interaction with the public. Human nature is to interact. There is very little you can do with family connections. Regardless, friends or family relationships must carefully be thought of so they can be nurtured and improved on day by day, year by year. However, if the burden is too much for you to be positive around any group of people, then difficult choices must ultimately be made as to how much contact you have.

Social media can often become relationship crutch for people seeking likes and positive replies from people they don’t even know. A person’s mental state can be drastically impacted if you become a target of trolls or aggressive opinionated people. Take a breath and see if the platform you are on is diminishing the positivity in your life.

Have goals. If you have a reason for living, then you have a much greater chance of being positive. Small improvements in how you look and feel should be celebrated! Examples can be as straightforward as you receive a kind word from a family member, or you comfort a friend. The important thing is you reach a goal that is a direct outcome of you thinking positively then when it happens celebrate this small but important accomplishment. Being positive is a continuous process so be kind to yourself and get ready to experience a happier journey through life by continuously rethinking your goals.

Accept failure and carry on. Every dead and living person has failed at something along their life journey. Embracing this truth means you will be half-way there to accepting that failure is a fact of life. Unfortunately, what people often do is that they delude themselves into believing that failure is not their fault with the result they don’t fully learn and appreciate how they can stop that failure from repeating itself. Being in a positive frame of mind means you accept failure and jump immediately into the action mode of continuing to progress your goals.

The promise of positivity comes with a lot of work and it is. If you haven’t guessed from the article, the ability to achieving great things to do those everyday tasks that will make you think positive over and over again. No matter what the challenge, your discipline of thinking positive will lead you to problem solve in a way that makes you progress through life’s challenges.

A good test if you are moving in the positive direction of thought, just count how much time you spend watching TV versus the time you spend thinking and doing actions that could better your life.



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