Your story of pain is an important piece of history.

By Anne Welsh – Founder and CEO Painless Universal
June 8th, 2020

The temperature at which paper in a book will catch fire. Made famous by the Ray Bradbury novel of the same name, about a dystopian time where books are burned and in desperation people commit entire books to memory so that the legacy of learning and history would be secured for future generations.

Almost everyone would fondly remember the times as a young child of having a book read to them. Regardless of culture, political background or social standing this is an aspect of life that makes us connect as humans.

Can you imagine a future where the stories of growing up are not available anymore? For many, there would be a fundamental sense of loss if you couldn’t read to your children as they grew up.

Or consider when you are older, could you imagine a time of learning without the benefit of reading all the scholars that have come before you? How would one progress in college or go on to read that research paper that changes the world in some small or large way without the legacy of documenting that progress?

And the stories do not have to be in just paper form. So much of what we hear or see is becoming digitised. There are many people walking this earth with ‘lit matches’, intent on altering history. Every form of communication will always remain under threat and the existence of the written word should never be taken for granted.

At Painless Universal, our platform is dedicated to saving your story of challenges and triumphs, in your own words. Everyone’s history is priceless and totally unique. Like the DNA of an individual, it cannot be changed or altered.

The inspiration and insight that each individual brings to the world deserves to be heard and we are so delighted when someone chooses our platform to share their history.


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